Manuscript Assessments

A manuscript assessment is feedback on the overall structure of your manuscript. It has less specific feedback than might be offered in a full structural edit, but it provides an overview of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.

Developmental/Structural Editing

Developmental or structural editing is an in-depth edit of the structure of your manuscript. It involves addressing issues like voice, point of view, pacing and more. It talks on a section by section level, as well as a consideration of the overall structure of the document.


Copyediting involves ensuring that grammar and punctuation is correct and that language has been used consistently throughout the document. Copyediting typically does not include considerations of overall story (although some commentary could be provided if you were interested).


Proofreading is the final step before the publishing process. This involves a final check by a proofreader to check for typos or errors in the text. When people work closely with a document, they often miss some small things. Proofreading ensures a fresh set of eyes and professional polish on your manuscript.

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